Our founders, who originally began their partnership with a butcher shop in Israel before setting their eyes on the restaurant business, quickly realized that many who dine at Doris Metropolitan seek to recreate the fine dining experience at home. Our in-house butchering services and on-staff butcher get guests as close as possible to the Doris Metropolitan experience, enabling them to bring the highest quality meat and steaks into their kitchens with careful sourcing and meticulous dry aging already taken care of. All of our meats are carefully selected from private farms and dry aged for 21 days in our restaurant.

Times are changing and so are we...for now.

Doris Metropolitan is opening our butcher shop for guests who prefer to skip the crowd and opt for grilling their steaks in the comfort of their homes.

Our menu is also available. From our delicious breads and appetizers, to our dry aged steaks, sides, and desserts. Oh, and let's not forget wine and cocktails!

Simply call the restaurant, place your order, pull up curbside and we will bring the order to your car. It's that easy.

Butcher Shop

Price per Steak

Bone In Ribeye






Butcher’s Cut




NY Strip



Japanese Wagyu Striploin


Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin


Curated Dining Experiences To Go

We made things easy for you to enjoy the Curated Doris Dining Experience with your loved ones at home. 

**For Take Out Only**

Batched Cocktails

Cocktail Packages          48
Choose your spirit and journey through three different cocktails. 

Just stir, shake, or pour over ice and you have the perfect evening cocktail tasting!

Meal Packages

It's all ready to go, finish our already sous-vide steaks on your grill or skillet

Dinner for Two          125

Choice of 1 Appetizer:
Baladi Eggplant/ Artichoke Flower Salad/ Tomato Salad

Choice of 2 Steaks:
NY Strip/ Tenderloin/ Ribeye/ Porterhouse*
*equivalent to two steaks

Choice of 1 Dessert:
Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Dinner for Four         210

Choice of 2 Appetizer:
Baladi Eggplant/ Artichoke Salad/ Beetroot/ Tomato Salad

Choice of 3 Steaks:
NY Strip/ Tenderloin/ Ribeye/ Porterhouse*
*equivalent to two steaks

Includes Dessert:
Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Add Sides to Complete the Meal

Asparagus/ Root Puree/ Polenta/ Grilled Vegetables/ Truffle Fries/ Mushroom Ragu

Add Batched Cocktails Package $48