Our Story

Our unique concept was inspired by our owners' butcher shop and restaurants in Israel, named Doris Katzavim by Dori Rebi-Chia and his admiration for unprecedented fine dining. After a vacation turned into a love affair with Costa Rica in 2010, Dori decide to open is next restaurant in San Jose, the capital city.

Dori Rebi-Chia and Partners Itai Ben Eli, Itamar Levy, join Dori and Sash Kurgan found their next venture in the form of New Orleans in 2013. The city's rich culture and bustling tourism - paired with the French Quarter's appetite for adventure - made it the perfect second location. Shortly after, the trio was on the hunt for a third location, and with strong family and business ties, Houston seemed like a natural fit. The River Oaks post opened in 2017.

With our "teamwork makes the dream work" mentality, we plan to capitalize on our house made specialties and talent within the kitchen and expand operations to bring Houston an eclectic take on our enriched Israeli culture. Guests can expect more freshly baked breads, pastries, cakes, and new concepts aimed to bring an unparalleled dining experience to the Bayou City.

Who We Are

Dori Rebi-Chia

President & founder

Former Israeli soldier, Itamar Levy was heavily focused on real estate development earlier in his career once he made his way to the United States in 1983. Levy ventured into the hospitality industry when he linked up with his current partners and opened Doris Metropolitan in Costa Rica ten years ago. Levy serves as the company's chief financial officer and continues to lead the restaurant group in a successful direction as they prepare to expand with new, vibrant concepts.

Born and raised just outside of Jerusalem, executive chef and partner, Shachar "Sash" Kurgan began his culinary journey in his early 20s. He explored several different kitchens across the country including the highly acclaimed Tel Aviv restaurant Herbert Samuel.

In 2012, Chef Sash joined the Doris Metropolitan family as expansion plans for the restaurant group took off. His first order of business was mastering the beef program. As the mastermind behind all things culinary, Chef Sash continues to incorporate the balance of combining fresh ingredients, new and traditional cooking styles while laying different textures and flavors.

Northern Israeli native, Itai Ben Eli first discovered his infatuation with cooking while growing up surrounded by Israeli cuisine and a variety of unique ingredients. Ben Eli pioneered the dry-aging process in Israel and operated a specialty butcher shop there before opening his first brick and mortar restaurant alongside his partners in Costa Rica.

Ben Eli currently manages and oversees his restaurants' ambiance by incorporating his passion for music and producing a killer playlist that loyal customers have grown to love. His expertise in hospitality and leadership set the tone for the unique and welcoming experience Doris is known for. As a wine and spirits enthusiast, Ben Eli helped craft the restaurant's acclaimed beverage program along with the company's wine director, Buck Williams.